viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

"Un poco de chocolate" por favoooor :)

Ouh, ouh, ouuuuh...long time that I don't update this blog.

But I do have things to tell, this week has been very interesting, I went to some cultural events and a lecture.

On Tuesday I went to watch a film called "Un poco de chocolate" directed by Aitzol Aramaio and based in the book "SP-rako tranbia" writed by Unai Elorriaga. Then we had the oportunity to talk with the writer and he told us lots of anecdotes.

I think it's a good job considering that it's the first feature film of Aitzo Aramaio. It's entertaining and funny the way it takes the film to explain the situation of the main characters.

The cast it's very good too to be a little film like this one is.

The writer Unai Elorriaga

All the cast

The main characters

Héctor Alterio (a very good argentinian actor)

Bárbara Goenaga

Daniel Brühl (We have just seen him in the film "Inglorious Barterds")

I have to go now! I'm going to the theater to see a perform that one of the main characters is Héctor Alterio!


P.D. Nice pictures!   It's worth it!

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